I know that I am not alone in resorting to dating through a computer screen? Nor am I alone for kicking myself for letting a Mr Right come into my life whilst buying a loaf of bread, and disappearing back into the night? Join this fun campaign to change that.


Simply follow my instructions:

Step 1- Invite all of your single friends (through Twitter) to join this group, both male and female.

Step 2- You are obviously  reading this because you are indeed… single. Let us unite in making a change.

Step 3- Begin finding your partner in every day circumstances whilst kindly regarding those who you have no interest in, as merely an opportunity to nurture each other’s self-confidence.



Men and women are afraid to approach each other because they are frightened that:

– The person is already taken.

– They see no way of starting a conversation with a stranger.

– They are frightened of rejection (especially whilst chasing those regarded as being uber-attractive and successful).


Some of these insecurities can be removed by signally that:

– You are single.

– You are ready to date, both physically and emotionally.


Spread the word, the more single people joining this campaign, the more effective it will be. This is an idea that we can road-test together. Let us all unite in increasing our chances. Give it a chance to grow, considering that it will take time for the campaign to go viral.

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