I found it a struggle to meet guys with my beautiful snotty boys in tow. Everyone presumes you’re in a relationship when you have children.

So, I came up with an idea to find dates for people with a small circle of friends of whom don’t have any single friends, single parents, those who have a limited pick at work etc.

1. Get your glow in the dark wristband from http://mylightison.bigcartel.com/

2. Wear it to make a statement you’re single and are looking to date.

3. Find and approach like minded people in your area (single and fed up of online dating apps), whether it’s just to swap dating stories, swap single friends or swap numbers…

This is not a business so I won’t be charging way too much for the wristbands. It’ll be just enough to cover costs and a little to help provide for my boys. Packaging will be simple (those little brown envelopes you carefully carried your teeth home from school in hoping to make at least 50p). The websites will be using free platforms unless you’d rather pay double? There’s no distribution centre so there might be a waiting time unless you get your order in first. There’s no marketing strategy so it will need to rely on you lovely people to spread the word. You might have to be patient for this trend to go viral. It’s just a fun craze so I won’t be made liable if the idea doesn’t work or any issues occur whilst wearing the band.


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