Relationships are hard work?

It seems, as I tapped on in my post ‘Do we ever find a happy place?’ We’re all under the impression that once we bag ourselves a partner,  we will live happily ever after. Reality is, relationships are work.

You begin with the honeymoon period, getting that little flutter when you see the person. And you agree to everything they say as for some reason,  you’re highly opinionated self has been gagged because this person’s a hottie.  

Once the honeymoon ends, you begin finding little things they do that bugs the hell out of you. Like walking into your pad with their shoes on but insisting you take yours off at their place. The way they slurp their coffee grates on you, not to mention raiding your cupboards to detect the one box of chocolates you were saving for some much needed ‘me time’. They piss you off by telling you when to cross the road or when it’s time to make a move, and you can’t help thinking ‘how old am I?’

The spark is still there but it’s masked by the need to fire a spoon of strawberry jam at their forehead. However, when the negative thoughts kick in,  it’s important to remember how shit it is being single by following single – friend’s news feeds. And of course trying to remember whey you fell in love with the person in the first place.

You learn to live with the habits if it’s deemed impossible to change them. And perhaps one day you can even laugh about them or learn to find them cute. But there will always be things to work on in a relationship. That’s part of the excitement, muddling through on a journey together. 


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